RYA Basic Sea Survival

Knowledge and skills to survive in the water

Sea Survival course in Cornwall

This intensive one day course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to survive in the water or in a life-raft until help can get to you. On this course you will learn how lifejackets work, and the correct equipment you should have on them; the correct use of flares, survival requirements and abandonment.

You will be taught how to get into a life-raft from the water, and from a boat, and what you would expect to find in a life-raft once you are in it; how to survive in the water on your own, or in a group. During this course you will talk about the equipment and techniques, you will then put them into practice during an invaluable session in a swimming pool.

This course is extremely worthwhile as the skills that you learn could prolong your survival time, and give rescue services a greater chance of locating you. People that have completed this course greatly increase their chances of survival should they be involved in an emergency at sea.

Pre course ability required:
You must be able to swim.


Dates for 2017

  • Saturday 11th March
  • Saturday 13th May
  • Saturday 10th June
  • Saturday 22nd July
  • Saturday 12th August
  • Saturday 23rd September
  • Saturday 14th October
  • Saturday 11th November
  • Saturday 09th December
Please contact the office for further dates