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RYA Basic First Aid at Sea

knowledge of first aid can save lives

First Aid training Falmouth

This is a must for not only those involved with the sea, but for those everyday situations that may occur. When you are out on the water, you may find that you are the vital link to help someone until professional help can reach you. In an emergency, knowledge of first aid can save lives - it could be you that requires assistance one day.

This course will cover basic injuries and illnesses such as, headaches, sunburn, cuts, grazes, and sprains, progressing to learn how to deal with emergency situations that you could find out at sea, concentrating on resuscitation (CPR). You will also learn about first aid care for man overboard victims, including dealing with shock, hypothermia, unconsciousness and head injuries. This is an extremely worthwhile course, a must for every sailor.

Pre course ability required: none.

Please contact the school for more information on this one day course.

Dates for 2017

  • Wednesday 09th August
  • Saturday 19th August
  • Sunday 10th September
  • Wednesday 20th September
  • Sunday 01st October
  • Wednesday 11th October
  • Sunday 29th October
  • Wednesday 08th November
  • Sunday 26th November
  • Wednesday 06th December
  • Sunday 17th December