Safety Boat

powerboats to provide support and safety cover

RYA Safety Boat Sailing Instruction England

Designed for those who use powerboats to provide support and safety cover for Watersports such as, sailing, windsurfing and canoeing.

Ideal for Sailing Club or Yacht Club volunteers, as well as anybody wishing to improve their driving skills.

This course includes search and rescue techniques, different methods of recovery, and towing of a variety of craft, and of course, most importantly, the safe recovery of people, including methods for lifting heavy casualties. Elements of race management and mark laying are included.

Pre course ability required:
Must have completed the Powerboat Level 2, be over 16, and have at least one sessions experience and a basic knowledge of sailing boats.





Price per person:

2 Day Cours




A two day course run all year round every

  • Monday - Tuesday
  • Thursday - Friday
  • Saturday - Sunday