STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

The Basic 2 Day Marine Fire Training Course

Outlines precautions for minimising the risk of fire, the causes of fires and how to extinguish them. Also practical training using fire fighting equipment and breathing apparatus in our purpose built unique fire fighting training facility in Cornwall.  Realistic scenarios allow students to practise extinguishing various types and sizes of fires.


This course is part of the mandatory basic safety training courses, which also include: Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Proficiency in Security Awareness, Personal Survival Techniques and Elementary First Aid.


The course is included in our STCW Basic Safety Training Week.


Course Content

  • Minimising the risk of fire;
  • Maintaining a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fire;
  • Fighting and extinguishing a fire;
  • Shipboard fire-fighting organisation;
  • Location of fire-fighting appliances and emergency escape routes;
  • The elements of fire and explosion (the fire triangle);
  • Types and sources of ignition;
  • Flammable material, fire hazards and spread of fire;
  • Fire and smoke detection and automatic alarm systems;
  • Classification of fire and applicable extinguishing agents;






Price per person


18 hours over 2 days


Dates For 2017

  • Thursday 11th – Friday 12th May
  • Thursday 8th – Friday 9th June
  • Thursday 20th – Friday 21st July
  • Thursday 10th – Friday 11th August
  • Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd September
  • Thursday 12th – Friday 13th October
  • Thursday 9th – Friday 10th November
  • Thursday 7th – Friday 8th December

For further course dates please contact the office