STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

A classroom-based course covering basic induction training in safety procedures and accident prevention, it also familiarises novices with the employment conditions and working environment on board.

This course is part of the mandatory basic safety training courses, which also include: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Proficiency in Security Awareness, Elementary First Aid and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting


The course is included in our STCW Basic Safety Training Week.


Course Content

  • Complying with emergency procedures;
  • Observing safe working practices;
  • Understanding orders and being understood in relation to shipboard duties;
  • Contributing to effective human relationships on board ship;
  • Types of emergency which may occur, such as collision, fire foundering;
  • Knowledge of shipboard contingency plans for responses to emergencies;
  • Effect of operational or accidental pollution of the marine environment;
  • Basic environmental protection procedures;
  • Importance of maintaining good human working relationships aboard ship;
  • Social responsibilities; employment conditions; individual rights and obligations; dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.






Price per person


4 hours


Dates for 2017

  • Tuesday 07th March
  • Tuesday 09th May
  • Sunday 11th June
  • Tuesday 18th July
  • Tuesday 08th August
  • Tuesday 19th September
  • Tuesday 10th October
  • Tuesday 07th November
  • Tuesday 05th December

others to follow please contact the office for more details