Keelboat Sailing Courses

Covering sail and motor techniques

Keelboat courses in falmouth

The school offers a wide range of courses following the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) modules for each level of ability.

With RYA Keelboat training you will cover sail and motor techniques, with the basic principles being similar to dinghy sailing, but the experience being on a small yacht.

These courses can be tailor made to suit your own individual needs. Our Instructor/student ratio is 1:4, which ensures a fun and safe learning environment. Your time with us will be enjoyable as well as constructive.

Our courses follow the same RYA syllabus for dinghy sailing, and provide an excellent platform for those who prefer the relative comfort, stability and versatility that you get with our Oyster Catcher 20 Keelboat.

The RYA certified level 2 course is very popular for pre flotilla training, with many med based flotilla charter companies now accepting this as the minimum qualifications needed for some yacht flotilla holidays.

We have a range of Courses from beginner to advanced keelboat sailors, please select from below the type of course you require to find out more